About Andrew Kafka:

Having experience in the mortgage business since 2012, Andrew Kafka is well practiced in finding the right products for homebuyers in a wide variety of situations. He is very comfortable working with all our various loan types, but feels particularly rewarded by being able to help first-time home buyers through the exciting time of purchasing their first home. Andrew mostly does business in the Plymouth, Bristol, and Norfolk counties of Massachusetts, but is always happy to help with home financing throughout the state.

Outside of work, Andrew enjoys staying active by going to the gym, playing golf, and doing outdoor activities with his wife and two children.

Advice from Andrew:

First and foremost, I always encourage my buyers to ask questions, no matter how experienced they are with the home mortgage process. Mortgages can be confusing and stressful at times, but my goal is to help keep my buyers informed and educated on all the details so they can feel confident when finally stepping into their new home. With the lending guidelines constantly changing, asking questions and smooth communication are essential to a seamless home loan process. When you’re ready to start exploring your options, give me a call; my team and I look forward to working with you!

Wondering where to start looking?

With first-time home buyers, low down payment or no down payment loans are usually preferred, and Andrew helps you understand the pros and cons of each mortgage program. Solutions can include options like the Fannie Mae conventional 3% down payment mortgage, FHA 3.5% down payment mortgage, VA 0% down payment mortgage option for military and USDA-RD 0% down payment for buying a house in an approved rural neighborhood.